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Behind the Scenes at Weatherill House

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It’s a very exciting time at Weatherhill House as the ground floor is currently undergoing the most significant upgrade/refurbishment of its life to turn the main entrance area into a full-on, modern business lounge.

The new business lounge will be better suited and more capable of handling the already wide variety of activities that take place at Weatherill House, so this is an excellent opportunity to update our community.

It’s hard to imagine what happens at a business hub as most people imagine that office space is used as simply that; however, our building these days has all sorts of small businesses doing very unusual things, so we thought we would deliver a snapshot to show what goes on and perhaps inspire you to start something unusual yourself.

For example, Lyte Charging has expanded its operations from America into the UK and has been programming hundreds of its recharge boxes from our hub – carting trolleys of the hardware into our building and then, once charged, back out again for delivery to various destinations across the UK.

One of our meeting rooms was recently hired by WigsbyTee, who brought a whole range of their tools of the trade into the building for the day, including sewing machines, mannequins and scissors to provide training on how to make wigs! So our business hub became home for the day for this small business.

We are also home to several carer/nurse training providers. Hence, we house a hospital bed in our store room, which gets rolled out regularly for their training sessions.

Other tenants include Flex Technologies, which provides portable solar panels used by, amongst others, caravaners and festival goers. The founder has a reselling policy with other small business owners who sell at festivals, The hardware is again rolled around on trolleys, and clients are far from traditional businessmen turning up in festival wear for meetings and bringing more life to our hub.

Last week whilst parking in our secure underground car park, the MD of Think Events, who are responsible for numerous outdoor festivals across south London, and his staff were folding up vast amounts of material for storage. As any small business owner knows – it’s all hands on deck to get the job done at times.

Our location being just off Purley Way and next door to Access self-storage may add to the logistical requirements of our tenants’ needs however this snapshot really does show the sectors our business owners are serving and where the economy is strong.

Our serviced office space at Weatherill House is almost at capacity now, and we are delighted to have many long-standing tenants occupying some of our larger offices. However, what is really exciting for us is to see smaller businesses take up office space and, as they grow beyond the available space, ultimately have to move on.

We’re always sad to see any of our fabulous tenants leave our business hub, but our primary purpose is to facilitate business development and growth, so if we have been able to support a company’s development by providing office space and business services, that makes us very proud.

One perfect example of this growth is George Meressa, founder and MD of ClearAds, who joined us at Weatherill House in 2013 in one of our smallest offices. George’s business has continued to expand, taking up additional office space in the process, until his team of 25 is literally bursting out of offices and meeting rooms. In the new year, ClearAds will be moving on to larger offices, and we are very excited to have been part of their journey.

As ClearAds moves on early in the new year, it will free up two of our larger offices, so if you are looking for space for a team of 5-8 people at affordable rates with incredible amenities and a buzzing atmosphere, please get in touch.

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