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Do you Need Some Help With Your Social Venture?

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by Ella Brown

Are you finding it difficult to run your charity or social enterprise? Have you recently felt like giving up?

In the fast-paced world of business where things can change rapidly, these thoughts can sometimes affect what you want out of your working life. And as more people have begun speaking up about their mental health, companies have begun to take notice and taken steps to support their employees.

According to the UK State Of Social Enterprise Survey of 2021, 22% of Social Enterprises operate in the most deprived areas of the UK, and 66% of Social Enterprises introduced a new product or service in the last year.

StartUp Croydon is one of many examples. We are working with Be Inspired Today CIC / SE Folk to develop a programme of support to founders of Croydon and South London- based social organisations around resilience.

Be Inspired said this about the programme on their website:

Founders are likely to:

  • Be individuals working on their own in their operation, or have a very small team.
  • Be a lived experience leader, with a disability or mental health condition that the last couple of years has made running their social organisation even harder
  • Be on low income and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis is now causing anxiety around financial sustainability.
  • Have caring responsibilities which means support is difficult to access around caring for others.
  • Not have English as a first language so seeking help maybe a challenge for them.
  • Be someone with a professional qualification or a field expert who also runs a private business and is struggling with balancing time and money between running their private work and a community based social organisation.

If any of these describes your recent experience and you would like to gain support, please complete the anonymous survey here.


BeInspiredToday – Resilience and Sustainability Program

UK State of Social Enterprise Survey reveals mental health is mission no. 1 | The Social Enterprise Magazine – Pioneers Post



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