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Frequently Asked Questions

The complex and wide-ranging services we provide at StartUp Croydon naturally create a great many questions, so we have tried to answer as many of them as possible below.

If there’s anything else you would like to know, do please get in touch via our contact form and we will always do our best to help you.

General Information

What is StartUp Croydon?

StartUp Croydon is a charity with the purpose of providing guidance and training to budding entrepreneurs – see more in the About Us section of our website at

How can StartUp Croydon help my startup business?

We have our flagship 3 day Business Bootcamp, as well as free 1-1 advice sessions, to answer all your questions regarding running your own business.

Does StartUp Croydon provide training and support for new businesses?

StartUp Croydon is setup to provide a range of training and support services from 1-2-1 session, our flagship three-day Business Bootcamp, and our Business Incubartor programme, all designed to answer your questions regarding running your own business, and take you from idea to launch and beyond.

Does StartUp Croydon provide funding for new businesses?

We do not provide funding directly, however we can give advice on the best places to apply for funding and how to go about it.

What services does StartUp Croydon offer for new and startup businesses?

As well as our training, we also have office facilities that are perfect for all businesses, including startups. These facilities include office space, meeting rooms and co-working space, as well as virtual office options which are a great option for businesses before they are ready to make the jump to a permanent office.

During what hours is StartUp Croydon's Co-Working space available?

Access to our co-working space is available between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Is StartUp Croydon's Co-working space available to those with offices?

If you already rent office space at Weatherill House, StartUp Croydon’s head office, we have a breakout space downstairs open to anyone in our building to come and use if they would like a change from the usual four walls!

Does StartUp Croydon rent office space in Croydon?

We have offices from 2 to 8 desks, all available on a monthly rolling licence, meaning you are not locked in for a fixed amount of time, just requiring 1 months notice to leave.

What should I do if there is an emergency situation when the front desk is closed at Weatherill House?

We subscribe to REDCARE; a service which connects our fire alarm direct to the local fire brigade – please activate the alarm if there is any fire if possible and GET OUT without hesitation. All corridors and exits are monitored by CCTV, but we encourage all tenants to carry their mobile phones out of hours in case of accidents on stairs etc.

StartUp Croydon Flexi-Offices

What are flexi offices at Weatherill House?

If you need a private office for up to 4 people, just for a couple of days a week, it only costs £100 pw inc VAT to work at Weatherill House. There’s no contract and no deposit to pay, even the Wi-Fi is free, but you will need to bring your own laptop and mobile phone to work from.

Will I be able to use the same office each time I book a flexi office at Weatherill House?

We’ll try our best but unfortunately can’t guarantee it. We will place you wherever there is space so, if the office is sold or already in use, we may have to allocate a different office unit to you.

Can I store equipment, filing or goods in the offices at Weatherill House.

The legalities are not conducive for this kind of service. We would need to issue you with a licence and for that, you would need to be a full-time tenant, so please take all your belongings with you at the end of the day.

Can I use the communal areas and kitchens at Weatherill House when I book a flexi office?

You are welcome to use the communal areas and kitchens. Just bring in your cup(s), food, beverages, and any eating utensils etc. Washing up liquid, dish cloths and tea towels are supplied in case you want to wash up, but please feel free to use the dishwasher if you’re with us for more than one day at a time. The breakout area and showers are also available for your use.

StartUp Croydon Co-Working Space

What is StartUp Croydon’s Co-working space at Weatherill House?

StartUp Croydon’s Co-Working space is an area where people can rent a desk for the day, with other like-minded people, who are not necessarily from the same organisation.

Does StartUp Croydon’s Co-Working space at Weatherill House provide equipment?

We have monitors to connect to and a free Superfast Wi-Fi, but you will need to bring your own laptop.

What are the advantages of startUp Croydon’s Co-working space at Weatherill House?

StartUp Croydon’s Co-Working space is drop-in facility that can be used as and when needed. This keeps the costs low, particularly for sole traders and start-ups.

What does it cost to use StartUp Croydon’s Co-working space at Weatherill House?

Co-Working Space with StartUp Croydon at Weatherill House costs £25 inc. VAT per day, or £200 inc. VAT per month. If you combine this with our Launch Pad mail-handling service, you will receive a 20% discount on any Co-Working bookings you make. Fees must be paid up-front in all cases.

Can I use the communal areas and kitchens at Weatherill House with a Co-working space licence?

The StartUp Croydon Co-Working space at Weatherill house provides full kitchen facilities for all Co-Working users. Just bring in your cup(s), food and drink, and any eating utensils etc. However, washing up liquid, dish cloths and tea towels are supplied, and if you’re with us for more than one day at a time, you are welcome to use the dishwasher. The breakout area and showers are also available for your use.

Booking and Payments

How do I book StartUp Croydon’s services?

Use the Contact Us form or call our front desk on 0203 747 4747 during normal office hours.

Will I receive confirmation of payment for services at StartUp Croydon?

A invoice will be issued within 7 days of payment. Courses and seminars booked through Eventbrite will generate their own automated confirmation/receipt.

Virtual Office Service

What is StartUp Croydon’s Virtual Office service?

Use of a professional business address (such as Weatherill House) that you can use on your website, business cards and marketing materials.  Mail is held for collection, or it can be forwarded on, depending on which plan you opt into.  Anything bigger than a large letter must be collected in person from the Weatherill House.

What happens outside of office hours when there is a delivery at Weatherill House?

Tenants can receive deliveries out of hours by arranging this direct with the couriers. Unfortunately, we cannot accept deliveries for external customers outside normal office hours.

What is mail forwarding service at Weatherill House?

This service consists of forwarding your mail on to your home or other designated address.  You can choose how often you want this to happen and when.  Most people who use this service opt for one day a week, but you can choose a more regular service, or, if you don’t think you’ll receive much post, you can request a once-a-month option.

What are the advantages of Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

Our Virtual Office service provides a professional address for your business which can be added to your website and used as a registered office on Companies House. This can aid the perception of a more established business and protect your home address from public view. All mail will then be sent on to a private address of your choice or can be collected in person.

Can the staff at the front desk sign for parcels and packages?

During the hours that staff are on the premises (generally Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:30pm) we are able to accept and sign for your deliveries.

Why there is an admin fee for the Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

The charge is a one-off fee, and you won’t have to pay this again, even if you change your service to a tenancy or enhanced mailing service.  This is to cover the admin involved in processing your paperwork, setting up your mailbox and arranging your account.

Why is there an admin fee when signing up for Virtual Office services?

It is a legal requirement to carry out our due diligence when taking on new clients who will use our address. We therefore carry out anti money laundering checks on all new clients, with associated costs.

Can I park directly outside Weatherill House to pick up my mail?

You can part out temporarily, but if there’s no parking available and you need to collect boxes or heavy goods from us, we will direct you to our main undercover car park and help you by allocating a trolley for your deliveries.

Do I have to sign up to a contract for the Virtual Office service?

You do not need a contract for Virtual Office services. You can opt out of this service at any time, but as this is an upfront monthly payment, you may need to time your cancellation so that you make full use of the service.

What happens after the cancellation of Virtual Office service at StartUp Croydon?

Once your Virtual Office service is cancelled, we usually allow a short period of time to elapse before we shut down your mailbox completely, but you’ll need to notify your contacts as soon as possible.  After two weeks we’ll start returning your post to the sender.

How do I find out whether I have mail at Weatherill House?

To find out if you have mail at Weatherill House, please call us on 0203 7474747. However, we cannot call you when you post comes in unless in exceptional circumstances (and with advanced notification).  We are not authorised to open any of your post, but we can describe it to you so you can make a decision regarding its importance.

How soon can I expect my mailbox to be available at Weatherill House?

Your mailbox service will be available as soon as we’ve received the completed paperwork (application pack) and ID, together with your first payment.  We would recommend coming to Weatherill House in person so that we can check that your ID is satisfactory.

When can I collect post from Weatherill House?

​The front desk is open from 8am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. We will send on all post in the first and third week of the month, and the cost of this service will be added to your monthly invoices.

How much does it cost to use Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

Mail can be held for collection from £25 per month +VAT for sole traders. For Limited companies, the cost is £45 +VAT per month. There is also a one-off admin fee of £20 +VAT to be paid for the first month.

What are the key features of the Virtual Office service at Weatherill House?

The main perk with our Virtual Office service is that you can use us as a registered company address as well as a business address.  But you also get half-price meeting room hire, together with discounts on co-working bookings, networking, and social events.

How do I register my business at Companies House?

The Government’s website contains a wealth of information, such as ‘How to Successfully Register my Company’. If you need further assistance, you can talk to one of our business experts completely free of charge by completing this attached form

Around StartUp Croydon / Weatherill House

What can I find in the immediate area close to Weatherill House?

We have a climbing wall centre next door, Banana Moon nursery across the road and Access Self Storage at the end of the block. Wandle Park is just a few minutes’ walk. Retail outlets such as PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Decathlon Sports are just a stone’s throw away, with Ikea and the Vue cinema at Therapia Lane, another couple of minutes on the tram.

Where can I park at Weatherill House as a visitor?

There are many free and affordable options available – please call our front desk on 0203 747 4747 for further information.

Where is the nearest food outlet from Weatherill House?

Just across the road from Weatherill House is Unique Cuisine where you can purchase hot & cold beverages and food to eat in or take away. Alternatively, there is a large Sainsburys a short walk away.

How close is Weatherill House to public transport?

Buses run regularly from Purley (289) to Purley Way/Waddon Road (also stopping at Waddon Station), and from East Croydon (410) to Waddon Road – both stops are only a couple of minutes from Weatherill House. Or catch the tram from East Croydon to Wimbledon, getting off at Wandle Park (any tram will take you back to East Croydon). For further directions, please call our front desk on 0203 747 4747.

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