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A Merry Christmas to all our Customers and Clients…. (Looking Back at 2020)

Looking back over 2020, this year has been a challenging time for everyone globally.  For many businesses and entrepreneurs, employers and employees the changes that have come with Covid19 have been varied and far reaching.

But while this year seems especially hard, there are silver linings. This is not meant to minimise the harsh reality of an incredibly difficult year. Many have lost loved ones, are struggling financially or suffering from mental illness.

However, rather than dwell on all the negativity, here are a few of the best bits of 2020 in the UK:

Socially distanced street parties celebrated our 75th VE Day 

Communities came together through street support groups and social media interaction

We appreciated our friends, family and neighbours much more than we did before, finding new and interesting ways to connect and have fun across several different households.

People became creative – many left colourful lock-down stones in parks and nature reserves for others to enjoy.

2020 was a Leap Year resulting in an estimated 25,800 proposals of women to men (there is no statistic to show how many accepted!!) and with the potential to boost the economy by £50 million in engagement rings alone.

We celebrated the NHS for their unfaltering care and commitment

Restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home

We enjoyed a brief period where the roads weren’t busy and “going for a drive” seemed quite appealing

Being alive in 2020 was in itself unique because it was the only year we could live through wherein the first two digits matched the second two digits – (unless you’re 101 or over, in which case this is the 2nd time) – the next one is 2121

During the lock-down in April/May, Weatherill House continued to open for mail services and enquiries, finally opening its doors in June for tenants and visitors – having undergone a stringent Covid-19 risk assessment with new health and safety measures in place.  Since then we have continued to provide as many services as we can to our businesses and customers whilst adhering to Government Guidelines.  Weatherill House continues to be a safe and professional place to work.  We currently have a number of larger offices available that would be suitable for businesses who are downsizing or considering a satellite hub and smaller offices or a co-working space for new start-ups or homeworkers.

Photo of the StartUp Croydon Team, wearing Christmas jumpers, by the Christmas Tree at Weatherill House


However you may be spending Christmas this year, we would like to wish all of our Customers, Clients, Colleagues, Suppliers and Trustees a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy (Hopefully Covid-free) New Year.


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