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SME Needs Ltd – Nigel Davey

Marketing & Creative
Nigel Davey

Main Services

SME Needs Ltd help owners of small businesses to develop and then implement the right marketing strategy to grow their business and meet their goals


For startups, SME Needs help you make the right decisions and choices to make the best start possible.

For more established businesses, they help you to understand what has/hasn’t worked in the past and then work with you to develop and implement the right marketing strategy for the future.

At SME Needs, their job is to ensure your marketing happens and delivers. They bring in, as needed, the right specialists at the right time. People they use regularly and know they will deliver what you need.

Who we work with

Our Ideal Clients owns a small business and wants to grow. Whilst most of our clients are B2B, we work with a growing number of B2C businesses, particularly ecommerce.

Contact Information

Key Contact: Nigel Davey
Tel: 020 8634 5911

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