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Papyrus Media – Fiona Ingvarsson

Marketing & CreativeBusiness Development
Fiona Ingvarsson

Main Services

Papyrus Media produces and creates video and photography content for small businesses, helping them talk to clients, build trust, and thrive. Through the power of video and photography, we tell your clients your story, supporting your brand visually.

We deliver your brand values and identity through compelling storytelling videos; we give your audience an insight into your business, who you are, how you work, and how you can solve any problem your clients may have.

Complemented by editorial and lifestyle photography, we bring you to life across all marketing channels, from websites and social media to printed media, giving you quality content that helps you stay consistent and present.


We delve deep into your company and business, understanding your values, services and products.

By getting to know you and your story, we can create digital content strategies so you can capture and nurture leads, raising your social media profile but also driving traffic to your flagship store – your website, improving your SEM.

Who we work with

Ideal clients are those that do not have the facilities to create stunning video and photography content. My ideal client will understand the power of content but struggle to understand how to harness that power and tell stories through copywriting and image creation.

Contact Information

Key Contact: Fiona Ingvarsson
Tel: 07961 578100


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