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Crystalisr – David Randall

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David Randall

Main Services

Crystalisr is a platform co-operative, with a mission to build community wealth across the South London sub-region.


Training in becoming fit-to-supply. Accreditation as ‘fit-to-supply’ to our sub-regional partners and anchor institutions. A community of practice of SMEs and buyers. Brokerage of delivery partnerships. We work across all 5 pillars of community wealth building.

Who we work with

Users of the platform, our members, can be on either side of the supply chain, i.e. buyers (anchors or Tier 1 contractors) or suppliers of goods or services or sub-contractors. You just have to be up for the challenge of offering or bidding for local contracts.

Contact Information

Key Contact: David Randall
Tel: 07790 511256

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