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6 Steps to Marketing on Social Media

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Owners of small businesses who have a limited marketing budget should consider using social media to build brand awareness. Discover how you can use social media as a free or low-cost marketing tool to help attract new customers.

With higher numbers of consumers making their purchasing decisions online, the rising cost of traditional marketing methods and the difficulty in measuring return on investment, business owners have been shifting their strategy toward social media.

In fact, research by telecoms company BT Group, found that just over a quarter of firms surveyed in the week leading up to 5 January 2023 were generating most of their sales through social media.

If you’re considering cutbacks, you won’t be the only one weighing up the value of traditional marketing and wondering whether do-it-yourself social media could be a way to save money.

Our CEO Saffron Saunders was featured in this article by a financial publication,  to offer her opinion on bringing marketing in-house at a time when other costs are rising so much.

We have a talented receptionist who takes care of social media – a decision that has not only reduced costs compared with outsourcing to a professional, it’s also made it easier to post timely, relevant content.

Read on to discover tips to help you make the most of social media for your small business

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