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Startup Croydon logoWorld Class Leadership

1 Day Accredited Workshop, with Buffet Lunch & Refreshments

Date and Time: Wednesday 25th July, from 10am to 4pm

Location: Weatherill House, 23 Whitestone Way, Croydon CR0 4WF

Suitable for: Those in management, entrepreneurs, team leaders or those who want to know how to become a great leader

Why attend?

In today’s small business arena, we are faced with challenges and often unanticipated challenges, which need to be resolved with intelligence, strategy and knowledge. The Know Your Style workshop will help you to improve your management and entrepreneurial leadership skills by showing you the leadership style that best suits your personality.

Key Objectives

After attending you will:

  • understand key characteristics and traits which identify your leadership style
  • learn techniques and skills to challenge from different perspectives
  • be given tools and methods which help facilitate great leaders
  • be shown how great leaders influence and persuade people
  • understand the 10 pillars of leadership
  • know how to communicate your vision effectively

Benefits of the Know Your Style workshop:

Attending this dynamic and reflective workshop will encourage you to be a unique and strong leader. You will expand on your own style and qualities unlocking the power and potential in yourself and your teams to go beyond expectation. This workshop will:

  • naturally facilitate a growth in self confidence
  • deal with challenges in a logical and professional manner
  • uncover the elements of influence used to motivate teams
  • show you how to pick a good team which supports your vision

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